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SolidCopy v1.5, (c) 2008 - 2010 Vincent Alexander

Automate jobs by passing config filename as param1:
I:\Proj\Delphi\SolidCopy\SolidCopy.exe "testsyncverify-preview"

File format: <option> TAB <value>
All other (non-tab) lines are ignored.
Src L:\Audio Books\48 Laws Of Power (Robert Greene)\
Trg I:\Temp\test\
Mode Overwrite if size differs
TrgRootName 48 Laws Of Power (Robert Greene)
2-Pass Y
DelSpecs N
KeepSpecs N
NoCopy N
Preview Y
Mirror Y
RemSrc N
Retry N
RetryCount 3
RetryInt 10
RetryForever N
DelEmpty Y
AbsPaths N
  • field names may have been added or changed
  • configs prior to v1.5 should be recreated or verified for use with v1.5 or later

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