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2011-9-15 v2.2
added New,Open to popup menu
Altered .scc files; these should be edited/recreated or target-is-older is used for Overwrite Mode the default
- mainly released for a version isolation issue

2011-4-27 v2.11
Corrected date-stamping issue

2011-4-2 v2.1
Clone feature added
Corrects various minor issues:
Multiple instances allowed again
Win7 can return null userpath if default userpath removed; appdir used in this case
Users\current\AppData\Local\SolidCopy is the default data path under Windows 7
Reset Remaining Bytes display to zero at process end
Reset systray hint to Finished at process end
Unaddressed note: Overwrite Target if Older mode - first-time date compare fails and a copy is unnecesarily performed; subsequent compares reflect accurately.

2011-1-21 v2.0
Transitioned to open-source freeware
Fixed automation/launch issue with command-line params
Adjusted interface
Always pre-scan; 2-Pass option dropped
Added MD5 File Hash tool
Added Merge Configs tool
File/folder listviews accept dragged files from Explorer (main window, Skip List, File Hash)
Log detail and viewing improved; logs can also be zapped en masse
Discarded auto-association for .scc files (this can be done manually by double-clicking any .scc file)
Discarded absolute paths option
Rewrote documentation

SolidCopy is an industrial-grade file copy utility with safe result previewing, extensive logging and fail-over retry mode for unstable media or network conditions. Configs (scripts) may be defined and automated.

Syncing / Mirroring is supported - files and folders that exist in the target but not the source are deleted.

Safety features include a preview window prior to batched overwrites, complete logging details (with stats and CurrentUser of executing machine), and a NoCopy mode where a config can be tested without actually copying.

SolidCopy functions as a stand-alone executable, but requires SolidCopy_Documentation.rtf for F1 to work.

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